mandy jackson portraits
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About Me

Hello, let me introduce myself. I have been drawing portraits for 32 years. There are portraits on here that are quite old.The most recent are the portraits added at the top of the page. I have drawn many others but unfortunately never kept a copy of them due to today's technology not being around back then. I have recently taken up drawing again after a few years break and realize just how much I missed it. I taught myself to draw what I see and I can draw any thing you want from a photo.


If your looking for a special gift for a loved one please send me a good, clear picture and I will get back to you, I can put family photos together in an arrangement of your choice, the same with your pets or anything else you require.

I draw on A4 [ 12 X 8 inch ] A3 [ 12 X 16 inch ]or A2 [23 X 16 inch ] size paper which is then backed on to thick card when finished, ready to frame. I can increase the size if you wish. Portraits are drawn in pencil or colour pastel.